Hurts, Brighton 02.02.11

After about 40 minutes of impatiently pacing the kitchen & driving to Brighton, we got to the venue at about 6ish and met the very awesome Carrie & Dani.
then we went off in search of food for a bit, walked all the way back to realise i’d left my sign at the restuarant & ran all the way back to get it, the guy had thrown it in the bin >___> but luckily it was recycling so he got it for me and we ran back to the venue and abandoned my uncle to go queue with awesome-r people at the front.

By this time it was about quarter past so we were stood there eagerly awaiting for the doors to open because it Hurts would soon be in front of us (and it was freezing). Then they let us in and we had to wait for the stage doors to open cause their soundcheck had overrun and stuff.
but there was a cool door guy who we spoke to and convinced that hurts were the best thing since sliced bread and that he had to listen to the concert. He also looked a bit like Brandon Flowers., well i thought so anyway.

Then the doors open and they shouted “no running” so we walked  the quickest we ever had before & got the barrier right inbetween Theo and Adam.

Saint Saviour soon finished soundcheck & were really really good, she has an incredible voice and is an epic dancer too. Just a shame some reaaally stupid people next to us found her hilarious and were laughing through the entire set making me want to destroy them for being idiots.

Then Clare Maguire came on and was also incredible, and looked like she should’ve been on dancing on ice.
I cannot wait till her album comes out so i can steal it off my dad as she has some really great songs. She also did an awesome cover of Fleetwood Mac’s Big Love which i prefer to the original by miles.

Soon she left the stage and our excitement grew, #HurtsBitches t shirts were on view and the signs were ready as Hurts came onstage looking beautiful as ever.
Because of Carrie’s genius idea, we knew what the setlist was so held up our Affair signs higher in hope they might change it.
They started with Silver Lining which was epic and set the bar for the rest of the gig. There were quite a few Daggers style dancing outburts and a lot of Miclove from Theo and the occassional smile & nod from Adam.

They acknowledged our signs & t shirts and Adam smiled at my shapow sign which has probably made me happy for eternity, which is always a good thing.

Mother Nature was amazing and it never sounded so beautiful, also not many people knew the words so it was very quiet and lovely (unless you were standing next to me & my singing, i imagine)

Evelyn was mindblowing, Adam is a rock god and should play guitar more often,Theo dances epicly and should do that more often, and the bromance is still the cutest thing ever.

Sunday was also mental and there were lots of flashing lights and everyone was going mad.

I then remembered i had a mini chupa chup in my pocket and hurled it onstage in an attempt for Theo to notice, but i threw it way too far and it landed by Theo’s water and he didn’t notice. (i blame my PE teacher, we were doing long distance throws in PE that day)

Soon they played an incredible Stay then dissappeared off the stage and reappered quickly for Better Than Love which was insane before going offstage and leaving me in awe of their amazingness.
It was over waaay too quickly.

Within 5 seconds my dad & uncle appeared so i said bye to the amazing Carrie & Dani and got dragged away, I also saw the door guy we spoke to and before i could ask him if he liked them i was pulled away by my dad (i have no idea why he was in such a hurry to get home anyway).

As soon as we got out, my uncle was asking me if they were gay and my dad was asking me what DHT meant, i pretended to be the innocent little child and said i didn’t know and tried to explain, to my uncle they arent gay by telling him they had Rider Girls, he remained unconvinced.

Thank you Hurts for your awesomeness, you were totally worth pretty much losing my voice for, and please tour soon again.

(here are some pics i took, i only took about 10 though & these are the good ones)

i think it looks cool anyway