Hello World

I’m Daisy, 16 & from England.

I go to rather a lot of gigs and have seen 182 bands live (as of 18/02/13), target reached.

I would love to be a music producer, photographer, something techy in music or a music journalist or something  when i grow up, if that ever happens.

In the meantime, i like blogging about music & gigs i’ve been to here and on Hooting & Howling for when i’m professional like.

Upcoming gigs that i will review at somepoint:

  • Suede, Spector & Temples at Alexandra Palace mmhmm.
  • Enter Shikari in my hometown, not like anyone’s been here since The Wiggles or anything in particular.
  • Pet Shop Boys at the mighty o2.

I have a photography page here, it’s only just started and nobody ever wants to do shoots with me ever so it’s a bit lacking but if you were to check it out that would be cool (PLUG PLUG PUG PLUG)

speaking of which, If you’re a musician/person that likes having photos with guitars & such and are feeling generous helping me with my musicians photography exam project would be kindly welcomed, I just need people and instruments to pose in places of interest (woods, streets, caves etc.) (caves was a joke all the caves are shut round here :c) anyway that would be great especially if you had a double bass or something cool like that so do not hasten to get in touch its free because i have little experience & you’d be top because nobody else wants to which is causing me great pain and endless complications, thanks.