Two Door Cinema Club 03.06.11

After battling through the traffic, we got to Brixton just after the first support finished, which was rather annoying as it was Trophy Wife who i like a lot, but yeah.
The Cast Of Cheers were awesome though, i am currently downloading their album (free here) because they were so great.
Then they went off and everyone was clearly getting mega excited as it turned into what seemed like a MOS night & it looked mental, at this point i would have given anything to be standing, especially as the giant curtain fell into it & there was a giant mexican wave style thing, an epic photo opportunity i missed :/

Then TDCC finally came on, later than expected, but amazing nonetheless. They started with Cigarettes In The Theatre & Alex calling everyone “crazy fuckers”, which seems legit.
small, rather rubbish video by me here,

Then they played a few more album songs and i came to the conclusion the guitar parts in some stuff like You’re Not Stubborn sounds very like The Smiths, aswell as a newish one called This Is Moon

aswell as Hands Off My Cash, Costume Party & Handshake

They then played an epic version of “last song” What You Know and left the stage.
At this point some clearly gig virgins, started leaving and i wanted to shout at them for being silly like that but refrained as you could clearly see Alex’s guitar being retuned for an encore, slight giveaway there :L

Then they came back onstage and played an awesome new,unamed song that they “wrote 2 days ago”, which amazed me greatly, if it’s anything to go by, the new album is going to be just as great as Tourist History, if not better.
They then played Come Back Home, which is my favourite off the album so, naturally, i found it insane and closed with I Can Talk causing everyone to go mental.
Definetely a great gig and one of the best crowds i have ever been part of i’d say, everybody went mental at everything and that is never a bad thing, even the band themself seemed pretty overwhelmed by it all.
It was awesome though, can’t wait to see them again at Reading Fest.

that was the best picture i took all night :/

I bet no one read this, but if you did, congratulations on wasting about 10 minutes of your life on my rather uninteresting review, hehe.

Free here