Ze Killers & Friends. 24.06.11.

If the title makes you assume i am still on a high, you would be correct. I didn’t think it was possible to see that many great bands in one day.

First off we chilled for a bit & enjoyed the fact there was no rain…yet before listening to Michael Kiwanuka who was surprisingly good, fantastic voice & some rather nice tunes, very sunday afternoon-ish.

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Then we wandered over to the Pepsi Max Stage to see The Heartbreaks, who i have been desperate to see since first hearing & didn’t disappoint despite the fact the tallest person in the world with a huge afro was standing at the barrier in front of me blocking it all bar 3 songs. However i am now more in love than i was before & managed to get some good pictures.

Music & such here.The best are below…

Next up were Transfer, i’d seen them supporting Brandon Flowers in October & they were great then & got even better this time around.
The only bad thing was that after The Heartbreaks, the entire crowd seemed to disperse and at the beginning, except for about 4/5 rows of people, several in Brandon Flowers tour t shirts, & the occassional person lurking at the back were there, it filled up towards the end but it pains me how bands this good aren’t as big as they should be.
Anyway, we got the barrier and they were insane, did a great cover of Black Sabbath (i have no idea what song though) and just generally rocked it! I am just gutted they are playing 10 minutes away from me on thursday & i can’t go.
They ended with White Horse & it was definetely one of the best live songs i have heard from any band, i need to buy their album.More info here.

Here are the best pictures & a video i took at the beginning…


After Transfer we wandered over to the main stage & caught the end of James, some odd moves & i only knew one song, naturally it was Sit Down, but good nonetheless.

Next up were Kaiser Chiefs, now considering i hated the band, they were great. i like them a lot now, minus the awful fringes they are all rocking & the new single. They were much better than i expected though & Everyday I Love You Less & Less remains a tune.


Saw about half their set from a decent place in the middle about 30 rows back but was dragged by rather drunk uncle & mum to the Jagermeister truck, horrible stuff that is, and when we returned my dad was nowhere to be seen, we lost my uncle & me and mum were left alone about 20 rows back next to some drunk idiots with no hope of moving.

However we stood through the,now pouring, rain & the endless chants of “where the fucking hell’s the sun?” it’s England what do you expect? the countdown music started and nothing else mattered.


Indie Rock N Roll was awesome, despite the drunk idiots deciding to mosh to a song they’d clearly never heard – though they all went mental during Human -_-

Somebody Told Me, Spaceman & FRU were all their usual incredible selves. with bflow going “what are you doing here? didn’t they let you in at Wimbledon?” that man is instantly lovable.

one of the idiots cottoned onto this going “ooh the lead singers quite hot isn’t he?” then a few songs later “he’s got a great voice” no shit. xD

The moshing then continued, Human was mental because it was the only song all the drunk idiots knew, they even sang Happy Birthday for a laugh halfway through the set ffs >.< , i however was stood there screaming every word to everything at the top of my voice. Losing Touch was also insane, during which i lost it and was in tears.


The fireworks & confetti in Bling were awesome & Brightside & ATTTID were the same.

The encore was also great, can’t fault the bass in Jenny, Mark is a legend, This Is Your Life was epic, the atmosphere is insane & When You Were Young was the best ending ever where i was crying again, the emotional wreck i am, and the mini fireworks at the end pretty much sealed my neverending love for The Killers.

Gutted i didn’t get to meet anyone at the gig, but it was waaay busier than the last time i think, i will meet you all someday.

Tomorrow is also 2 years since the first time i saw them, and i am already eagerly anticipating the next time…until then, i love you Killers.

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