Ben & Jerry’s Sundae Festival. 24. 07.11.

* i will add more videos but there is a server error or something right now*

I basically only went to this festival for one band & one band alone, Starlings, but it turned out there were rather a lot of good people playing so i decided to write about it…well type anyway.
we got there rather early so were sitting with all the other cool kids by the gates for a while, then we got in &, expecting it to be bigger, we half ran to the barrier only to find about 5 people & everyone else pre-occupied by free ice cream, can’t blame ’em.
Then Electrixcity came on who i’d listened to before and didn’t think sounded that great but, considering they only played 3 songs, they proved me wrong & were rather good.
Then Starlings came on, by this time there were 2 rows of people, that’s about 14,980 other people that missed out (the guy on the stage said there were 15000 people. i think. i am not good with guessing like this, i might be totally wrong) their loss, i guess.
And of course Starlings were awesome, despite the fact i had my friend, who had never heard any of their stuff before, proclaiming her love for them(she didn’t actually like their music that much), yelling i was their biggest fan at them & commenting on how they can’t afford socks & their trousers are too short for them all they way through xD
They only played 2 songs i’d heard & the rest was new stuff, which is sounding equally as brilliant & synthy as the stuff they already have, so fingers crossed for an album soon & hopefully some more live dates *cough* Concorde 2 now please *cough*
Shame they had a pretty short set though, could’ve quite happily watched them all day.


After them we wandered off for an ice cream boost, Sound Of Rum, essentially a rap/hiphop band, were playing &, although not being the biggest fan of rap, what i did hear wasn’t bad, you gotta have some guts & skill to stand in front of a pretty big crowd, rap about loss on a sunny day completely acapella & manage not to bring the mood of anyone down a tad.
After them were Little Comets, i’d heard some of their music before & liked it so was looking forward to them & they didn’t disappoint. My friend is now totally converted to their music & we were both admiring their extremely smiley guitarist who looked like he was having the time of his life for the entire gig, which is always a good thing.
Apart from having the coolest drum skin & matching lead guitar in the world (possibly), they also had very cool songs, sounding like a laid back Two Door Cinema Club & certainly not lacking in high guitar riffs, causing
everyone, including us, to go mental & then go out & buy their album (which is fantastic) the very next day.
Next up were The Duke & The King, we didn’t see much of them but what we did was impressive, the novelty being that after every song the drummer would pick up the bass, the guitarist the mic, the bassist the drums etc. which
was pretty special.
They are a side project of The Felice Brothers who, according to Brandon Flowers, are very good.
After them was Gary Numan, we were probably amongst the youngest in a crowd of older “hardcore Numanites” that suddenly appeared from nowhere, that only made it more enjoyable despite the fact i only knew 2 songs properly.
However i was genuinely surprised by how good he was, i know he’s a pioneer of electronic music and all but i wasn’t expecting it to be that good, didn’t realise how electro-rockish & better his stuff is live compared to on the
record, definetely a bigger fan than i was before.
Finally was Maximo Park, again i only knew a few songs but that didn’t make it any less noteworthy. Paul Smith is a great frontman & definetely the best when it comes to making everyone go crazy, mainly because he is the most energetic singer i think i’ve ever seen & jumps around stage like it’s on fire. They played loads of awesome old tracks i’d yet to discover & a couple of new ones from their forthcoming album which sounds like it might be worth buying.
They totally stole the show & were much, much better than i had ever expected, i don’t think you can truly
appreciate the brilliance of them until you see them live & they have certainly gained a new follower of their music.
Hopefully the line up next year will be just as good because if you’re paying £17 for good music, lots of ice cream & a rather awesome time, you can’t go wrong.