Futures//Hearts Under Fire//Moments Too Late.

So i saw Futures on wednesday and figured i should blog about it since Fenech-Soler was so long ago i can barely remember it to blog about.

It was the first time i’d been to the boileroom so when we got there at 7 and  walked in to find about 4 people milling around and the barrier 5 steps from the door we were pretty shocked.

After endless hanging around & people gradually appearing, 4 guys who were stood in the corner suddenly ran onstage, grabbed guitars & started playing which was pretty bizarre, they turned out to be Moments Too Late, a rather good indie rock band who have a free ep here.

They were a local band that had won a competition to be there so the crowd was made up of much of their family & their girlfriends were stood on the barrier in front of us, so you’d’ve expected everyone to be cheering but no, they were virtually ignored & their girlfriends were chatting through their entire set not even facing the stage and blocking a photographer (clearly one of the band’s dads) who was trying to shoot them, which was pretty horrible. But no doubt they ‘ll be playing Guilfest next year so i’ll have to see them properly then.

Soon after them came Hearts Under Fire, a band i was dreading due to the fact they were a female rock band and, in my experience, they all turn out to be a “girl power rebelling against men” cringeworthy affair. However, these were a massive exception to the rule, by this point we had secured the barrier so i spent half the gig watching the guitarist in awe, i mean you’ve gotta be pretty immense to be able to do the amount of hammer ons & pull offs & solos she was doing in each song.

The songs weren’t half bad themselves either, proper rock-ish as opposed to the girlish version mentioned above.

Here is a video taken by someone clever,  my face even appears at the other side of the stage at one point…

After them, Futures graced the stage with christmas lights and all, not gonna lie i have never been that close to an attractive musician before (like 30cm away), it was a good thing.

They played all their new stuff, which is really great, free recent-ish track here
https://player.soundcloud.com/player.swf?url=http%3A%2F%2Fapi.soundcloud.com%2Ftracks%2F25200579&Futures – Islands in the Sea – Free Download by Mercury Records

aswell as all the stuff of their semi – album from 2009, it was free but i have just been informed it’s now on iTunes, £7. 11 is pretty reasonable for 11 decent tracks http://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/the-holiday/id378080958

I saw them at Guilfest ’09 and they were much, much better this time, so much energy & fire onstage.

However i was slightly annoyed that nobody jumped, not even in the last song, i was going to but i was on the barrier and would’ve felt slightly stupid as the majority of the audience behind me were much older.

The show itself was insane though, being close is definetely a bonus until you are hit square in the face with a snapping guitar string, i managed to avoid this, my friend was not so lucky. Mind you, i did almost get hit with the head of the guitar in question which would’ve probably been quite a bit more painful, but the pictures i managed to take made up for it.

One girl managed to video the entire set so when that appears on the webs i shall post it for your viewing pleasure.

In the meantime have some pictures…