Mis-shapes, mistakes, misfits

Updates update update… (i got told to make a music blog by a journalist who went to oxford the other day is it would become “cult”, if you’re reading this you can probably tell i am one step ahead and still failing)

No gigs recently, though i am seeing Enter Shikari in ten days so you can guarantee a mega blog on that my friends, so here is a post of musical goodness…or something.

I recently discovered Placebo, maybe 10 or so years late but good nonetheless.

This is on repeat currently, it has a good chant, which is always a bonus, no?

Also “it may be elaborate fantasy/but it’s the perfect place to start” is my cherished (not enough people use this word) lyric  of the  moment….

A newer discovery are so called indie kids, dog is dead.

They claim to be “an original blend of harmonious, indie-pop in the disco, with a cheeky jazz hint” and (as well as using glockenspiels in their biggest hit) they’re signed to their own record label so you can’t argue that.

With another good chant….

“We are a mess. We are failures and we love it”