Now i don’t know about you….

this is an awful title for a blog that has no follow up sentence. oh well.
I heard Enter Shikari’s album previews today and i can’t blog about the album as i have a gig that night but  they are worth a few words so here goes.


seems like a reserved steppy synthy backing with pretty standard vocals , and a nice little b reak about wanting to be an astronaut, who doesn’t?


loud guitars, synthed up breakdown and lots of fucks. standard shikari.


if you haven’t heard this already you’re missing out.

speaks for itself….

Search Party

Almost sounds like  a pop song, complete with WOOOAHS and longing backing vocals backed by a heavy synthline and even descends to a capella vocal. what is happening? who knows….

Arguing With Thermometers

Contrasting the last track, solid dance synth with loud shouty vocals and raging guitars, nice.


If you thought search party sounded like a pop song, try this one . Little synth, almost acoustic based song, with  longing notes and pleas of “coooome wiiiith me” . The closest they have got to a ballad but somehow still enough to keep listening.

Ghandi Mate, Ghandi

Starts with a rant, goes into a dubstep rave with shouts against  injustice. then there’s the bass.  lots of it.  and when i say lots….

Warm Smiles Do Not Make You Welcome Here

Dance beat,  ‘jangly’ and punchy guitars , chilled out synths (almost like those of Only The Young, yes the brandon flowers song….i know) almost a “summer tune” but the crashing drums and vocals bring it up just that one notch extra.

Pack Of Thieves

Sounds euphoric, dance synth  subtley disguised by massive guitars and loud vocals.

Hello Tyrannosurus, Meet Tyrannicide

with a name like that what did you expect? Shouty, loud, mental guitars, almost like the old pre dubstep Enter Shikari have returned for a song.


Today the album preview has been removed off iTunes and YouTube  so i have only the basis of an initial tweet on this; “a bit shit” and “like the streets over a lullaby”

which roughly translates as similar to normal shikari lyrically  over synth & guitar lacking music but still good.

SO there you have it,  this is based on minute & a half previews and a few full songs so it could be completely wrong but hey.

decide for yourselves….