Stay Young, Go Dancing….

Well,  A Flash Flood Of  Colour came today. I feel i was a bit harsh in my review and that saying Constellations was a “bit shit” was unnecessary and wrong. Also Stalemate isn’t my favourite but it’s not that bad i guess and Search Party is rather good.

I think going out and buying it would be a good idea if i were you.

In music news, Michael Kiwanuka won the Sound of 2012 poll, with artists like Adele and Jessie J previously winning it this is a huge breath of fresh air and something worth listening to (for once), I didn’t pay much attention to him after Hard Rock Calling until i saw him on Jools Holland a few months ago. This reminded me how brilliant he was and i was listening to his stuff rather a lot. Then this was announced and it made me very happy indeed and, if he’s anything as commercially successful as Adele was(with added actual decent music), this means 2012 could be very, very good for music.

it’s just classically cool.

Besides Kiwanuka, more brilliant (relatively) new music comes in the form of Spector, who I also listened to properly after seeing them on Jools Holland (life saver of a show that is).

They’ve been compared to the likes of The Killers, Roxy Music,  Pulp,  Hockey, Kanye West AND Arcade Fire and if that isn’t enough for you, their lead singer is called Fred Macpherson, whatta name.

His lyrics however, are somehow even more wordy than his name and he croons suitably over the simple yet inauspicious synth lines during first single, Never Fade Away.  What You Wanted is also very 80s, though slightly more upbeat and poppy to the first.

The latest single, Chevy Thunder, is Vaccines-esque with guitars and slightly out of the box to what you’d expect after the first two singles, but great nevertheless.

With their curious dress sense, ominous synths and twisting lyrics, Spector are set to have big things ahead of them.

On to Los Campesinos! (translated from spanish as “peasant” or “country person”), i discovered them very recently due to reading Grow Up by Ben Brooks, good book by the way, which has th is printed on the first page:

– ‘We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed’,
Los Campesinos!

Naturally this caught my eye and introduced me to the world of  Los Campesinos!, a happy (unlike the above lyrics would suggest) welsh indie-pop band kind of world, that is always a good thing.

They’ve already released 4 albums, the latest one released this year which I am yet to listen to completely, and 2 EPs, just to give you some idea of how behind i am (i just tend to ignore NME a lot when it comes to new bands and occassionally miss something big, this is one of those times), but from what i have heard so far, they are all worth a listen.

The most recognisable, and one of their best, single is this

Cool video, and if you like this,  there’s plenty more here….

Lastly, before I leave you to scramble on to spotify, there’s Starlings, i’ve blogged about them quite a bit but they, i believe are currently on a mission to get some Radio 1 airplay so if you like the tunes and don’t mind, email Zane Lowe, Fearne Cotton, Huw Stephens….anyone! and help them out, they deserve it, as proved by this….

Now, I got M83’s new album today so it’s probably time to give that a spin (22, with it’s yes 22 songs!) , expect that and a monster of a live review of Enter Shikari somepoint after Tuesday….

PS: you should also listen to The Crookes, a fellow tweeter gave them a great review here.