Welcome to the revolution….

Enter Shikari are officially number 1 album in the UK, if that’s not something, i don’t know what is. A band signed to an independent label, anything but mainstream, singing about real things with the killer force of hugely powerful music behind it (yes- a real band!) are beating the likes of Ed Sheeran, Adele and Bruno Mars(ugh) in the UK charts. Halle-fucking-lujah!

And to top that all off, I saw them live last night, and it was hands down the best gig i have ever been to in my life.

First off though, the support FineYoung Firecrackers are worth a mention, they were a hundred times better live than the music on their facebook page sounds, though the free EP is definitely worth a listen or two (hundred), they got the crowd going, not that they needed it (i have never seen a crowd mosh so violently to a support act) and played the nice screamo pop-punk that was expected of them complete with anthemic choruses and all.

Then came Shikari, fresh from the release of the album just a day prior, they were up for a party, and so were the crowd.

The album played a huge part of the set, they started off with the euphoric System just to keep the anticipation to full level then thundered straight into the massive Meltdown, literally a face melter, following it all up with Gandhi, Mate Gandhi, politically anthemic  with a “open their minds” bass worthy of destroying any speaker stack sending the crowd into one huge moving mess.

After this they returned to the ancient, crowd pleaser Sorry You’re Not A Winner that, clearly, was unexpected at this point of the set which was insane and ventured in to single Destabilise including the tasty Rout VIP mix ending causing a stir,  following up with Motherstep/Mothership that is the most stepfilled dance screamo version of a song in existence. Second single Quelle Surprise, well it was hardly surprising with the chant “if you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything” turned the crowd into a unity of screaming voices against the system Rou Reynolds seems so lyrically keen on fighting.

After this came a breather straight from the new album in the form of Stalemate, as close to pop as Enter Shikari are going to get, complete with “Woooooaaaahs” worthy of a power ballad over a reserved synth backing before transcending in to the latest Adieu, Constellations,with glockenspiel and a guitar riff worthy of a lullaby while the lyrics sound something like that of Mike Skinner and a  chorus and breakdown with longing whines of “we can explore space together forever/ I am lost, so lost/ you are the constellations/that guide me”

They then blasted out Juggernauts, causing madness, and  returned to their might with Arguing With Thermometers, the latest single filled with the perfect mixture of Faithless-esque breakdowns and heavy guitars before uniting the crowd once again with Fanfare For The Concious Man, yet another political rant about the state of the government (Our gracious queen/should grasp her crown /and take a good fucking swing at Blair and Brown /for leading her countries into illegal warfare/and  trying to pass it off that “we’re doing it cause we care”/)with the protest worthy line of “We’ll be together against this, we’ll be forever against this…We are the world and the people and we will be heard”

Then fleeing the stage with a lack of conviction and returning admist the chants to the incredible and aptly named Hello Tyrannasaurus, Meet Tyrannicide and closing the set witha dubbed up version of most recent single Sssnakepit before spiralling into the real thing causing thecrowd to descend into a pit of shoving and screaming people having the best time in the world.

Ending the concert on the words “Just push right back” (again, aimed out at the world) seemed appropriate and fitting to end a crazy live experience filled with outrage at the world.

Enter Shikari are back, and this time, they’ve got even more to say.

Buy A Flash Flood Of Colour here.