I am not Jesus…nor do I have the same initials

I needed to make a post as an excuse to post this picture

hm yes.

On a more serious noteM83‘s album is proving hard to listen to, my mind wanders after 5/22 songs and i have to turn on something new. From what i’ve heard, it’s very synthy and spaced out, i think you have to be high to listen to it all in one go. It is still brilliant nonetheless.

From a new albums point of view, Howler and Tribes albums are both of the year awesome to the point where i’m not even writing properly about them because you’d waste time reading instead of listening to them.

Tribes are like indie-glamrock Pixies and Howler are just insanely good american guitar-indie.

that is all you need to know, just listen.


and here.

Also Grouplove are still worthy of all my praise. I’m working on seeing them in a few weeks…

Have a nice sunday.