To the #basementpeople…

not literally, though you’re the ones that will find this blog the most interesting I imagine.

Anyway, monday was a very good day for two reasons, 1) i went to NME which was just so cool and 2) i met Two Door Cinema Club, of course.


They did a little Q&A with us & the few (no more than 20) other lucky fans that were there, including 3 amazing #basementpeople, generally questions about bands they liked (Death Cab For Cutie, obviously), bands they hated (unfortunately they were too nice to say) and a few other musical things, such as weird situations on tour in Tokyo and who they’d like to be stuck in a lift with, NME filmed all this so i assume parts will be up online at some point.

Then they did a little  insightful story behind What You Know which is here:

Lastly they played a 4 song acoustic (well, using 2 electric instruments made no sense but they did) set with distinct changes in all the songs that made them all the more brilliant including possibly the best muck up of the lyrics to Something Good Can Work recovered with some spontaneous “shoo-bop”s.

They played:

What You Know

Cigarettes In The Theatre

Something Good Can Work

Undercover Martyn

They then did a quick meet with everyone before rushing off to a photoshoot on the roof, hopefully this will also be in NME too.

A completely brilliant day in every way, have some pictures…