This is one of those blogs where i genuinely don’t know where to start because i am still on a huge high, for example i have come back to finish this sentence 30 minutes later and still don’t really know what i am doing. i may just write this tomorrow.

It is tomorrow now.*gives up again & shuts wordpress. it is raining and i have to go out to a party with nobody i know or care for…morrissey has the right idea*

it is tomorrow…again. where were we?* i have turned off jarvis cocker for this, be grateful kids*

The Static Jacks were brilliant, hard american indie rock that was the way to get the crowd going like nothing else. They had Howler written all over them, even the lead singer looked pretty darn similar to Jordan Gatesmith. They were the most energetic band I have seen live considering the tiny audience, most of which stood about 10m from the stage, and were climbing up the supports of the building and leaping around like they were having the best gig ever, which is always a great thing. They have their Laces EP out now and their debut album comes out 5th March so is avaliable to pre order here.


Next followed another brilliant support from Two Wounded Birds, A set that started with a 3 minute long surf rock instrumental with a Beach Boys bassline and Vaccines-esque guitar riffs over the top titled Do The Jay-Jay was a signal that it was going to be good…that and the fact this was the band The Drums’ Jonathan Pierce refused to do the NME Radar tour without.

Despite technical problems involving the bassist’s amp completely refusing to amplify any sound after the first song, they battled through the set and covered up the problems brilliantly with a spontaneous Johnny Cash covers mashup that won over the crowd easily. After this they played a few more songs off their Keep Dreaming, Baby EP, standouts being Together Forever and All We Wanna Do before leaving the stage and the crowd suitably warmed up.



Lastly came the ones we’d been waiting for and, let me tell you, they did not disappoint in any way at all. I think this picture sums up why i thought it was so great anyway…


enough with the fangirling, The set was brilliant.

Because i am such a music nerd, i knew they were starting with Don’t Say Oh Well due to the capo which made me even more excited because it is hands down the best song they have and possibly the best way to wake up the crowd again. From the second they stepped on stage I have never seen a band more up for a party than them, i have never seen anyone manage to play a guitar while spinning around about 5 times and jumping offstage in the first song of a set before. More bands should be like this.

Then they went in to the infectious Lovely Cup, by this point everybody had realised it was basically a giant houseparty only not in a house and with a bit more love and were smiling and jumping and generally being crazy, happy people for the next hour or so.

I’d considered Love Will Save Your Soul to be a slower less manic one of their songs but it seems I couldn’t be more wrong as video evidenceproves below…

Betty & Gold Coast were also by no means less crazy than the first songs aswell, Naked Kids was possibly the loudest i have ever heard a crowd sing a song and jump in unison in my life,which is never a bad thing.

Spun was definetely a highlight of the set as a ukulele solo featured, yes a ukulele solo, that ended ina stage dive and collapsing in front of me on the stage before a completely drunk guy ran up and hugged Andrew then sang down his microphone before kissing him and getting dragged offstage by security, so the entire band and audience werelaughing and pleading at security not to throw him out, they did anyway, I don’t know how anyone could ignore Christian Zucconi pleading down a microphone at them but that’s another story…

After that, Sean took up the mic (GroupLove are the only band i know of that are not a boyband with 4 singers, this is a brilliant thing) and once again sent the crowd mental, by jumping into it and introducing the band, if slightly late. Slow then literally did completely slow down the set, with shouts of “the drummer is standing up, say hi to Ryan people, this is a big moment for us” as Ryan casually whipped out a drum and some pretty damn cool glowing drumsticks while the band blasted out Slow and ran offstage leaving the most euphoric drum solo to end the set.

If that was crazy, the encore was not disimilar the gathering of a lunatic asylum (a good one mind – with music and happy lunatics), they came back with latest hit of Apple fame, Tongue Tied, while hugging and occasionally collapsing onto the floor for pure brilliance.

They then, which is rather rare for gigs i go to, did a thank you speech to everyone which is where the Love bit comes in, also the fact they all have the same tattoo is an added lovely bonus.

After this came closer, Colours, probably the happiest song you will EVER hear.Due to the lack of barrier and the stage ending at my knees, i fell onto the stage a few times during this and came into contact with the blue hair of Zucconi, which for your information is very soft, which was rather cool before he again collapsed onto the stage while still successfully playing guitar. When the song finished they all bowed, hi5ed everyone at the front and stage dived before saying thank you rather a lot again, handing the setlists right into my and a lovely person next to me’s hands and running offstage.

GroupLove are possibly the most brilliant band i have ever seen live due completely down to the fact i have never seen a band that were happier and more up for a party than the crowd, comprised of mainly drunk raving teenagers, themselves and i genuinely really hope they tour again soon or I will be sad.

Buy Never Trust A Happy Song here.