NME Awards Tour, Brighton 23~02~12

So i went to the NME Awards Tour a few days ago and it was rather good.

Despite getting there 15 minutes before doors then being cornered by The Sunday Times for an interview which I later discovered we will have to pay to see due to their ridiculous website, we got second row which wasn’t too shabby at all.

First up was Azealia Banks, due to the fact i absolutely disgust her musically, DJ Cosmo was the highlight of her set, complete with his dancing and Super Mari-esque hat. The only good part of her singing was a brief cover of Amy Winehouse‘s Valerie, proof she has talent, just chooses to hide it under awful,awful rapping (this highlights everything that is wrong with the music industry, in the sense that you have to hide real talent with swearing in order to be recognised, just sad really).After a thankfully short set where she repeatedly swore and “nigga””d  over relatively decent dance music, she played the ever awful 212, some “kunts” got “eated” and she  swanned offstage unawares to my hatred for her due to the masking woos from the completely smashed half of the crowd. Disappointing as I expected.


Then, after the shortest switch between bands ever, kudos to the techies for that,  came Tribes, the complete other end of the stratosphere to what came before.They kicked off the set with an energetic Whenever , crashed through hits such as Sappho and Girlfriend effortlessly before returning to the debut EP for a beautifully acoustic Coming Of Age before playing When My Day Comes and ever brilliant We Were Children and fleeing the stage. Short but, ever so, sweet and just as brilliant as you would expect them to be from the album, there are big things ahead for Tribes this year, i can feel it.

Penultimately, Metronomy graced the stage with their prescence, after briefly catching their set at Reading, i was looking forward to seeing their improved live show and it was fantastic. They eased into the set with the spaced out Some Written which seemed appropriate, almost a mute introduction of the band through the brilliant lighting ( again, kudos to the techies on their set) before thundering through much of the latest album. They played a fair few off 2008’s Nights Out  too which was a brilliant addition to the set, though i have to admit at this point, i did zone out quite a bit and almost fainted several times due to lack of water and the complete idiots behind me trying to get to my space (there were many elbows in the kidneys on my part but they won at the end of Two Door’s set). Regardless it was a faultless set, Oscar Cash can certainly dance, my friends.

Then of course came the mighty Two Door Cinema Club, this was the fourth time i’d seen them and, wow, they certainly know how to put on a show. The setlist was pretty standard, starting off with the thunderous Cigarettes In The Theatre before crusading through much of Tourist History with the odd B-Side such as Costume Party and later songs This Is Moon and Handshake, both signs that the new album (drops July) is going to be something equally as good as the debut. They then left the stage after an incredibly energetic version of What You Know leaving the crowd in awe  and cries of “TDCC!”

These cries were met with a generous encore of latest song Sleep Alone (yet another awesome representative of the forthcoming album), Come Back Home and of course I Can Talk , complete with innovative AH OH AH AH OH lights, Go Squib!

Then they ran offstage and that was that, an incredible night of 3 fantastic acts and 1 well..um, interesting shall we say? act, NME tours are great things.

And i got a poster of Noel Gallagher at the end, can’t say fairer than that, can you?

NB: Just a little thing that has irritated me rather a lot…people have been taking my pictures off here and posting them on tumblr without any credit. I don’t watermark them because it looks ugly and my photos aren’t that great so it would look snobbish but i really would appreciate people asking, or at least putting some credit. Every live photo on here is mine unless stated, thanks 🙂