In theory I respect your right to exist…

just musing over general recent musicalness.

Firstly, if a bit late, i have to say something about Queen ‘reforming’. I don’t care how good he is, at the end of the day, Adam Lambert won a reality tv contest, he is not worthy of replacing Freddie Mercury, nobody is. Also you can hardly call it reforming when only 2 of the original members are actually in the band. It just seems so unexplainably uncool (and let’s face it- i may have not been technically alive, but Queen used to be damn cool), and at Sonisphere of all places. It is one of those things that will not cease to confuse me, i mean i know we’re in the recession but, are they really that desperate for money?

That said, they must be because Brian May is featuring on Dappy‘s latest track, with a name like Dappy, i don’t need to continue.

ew indeed.

While on the subject of reunions, the fact Johnny Marr seems to be warming to the idea of reforming The Smiths makes me physically wince.

I know it was said jokingly, but there seems to be some underlying truth, and the idea of them turning into something like bloody Bon Jovi or Guns ‘n’ Roses that constantly reform and play reunion tours and change their members constantly kills me. I get the feeling if they reunite this wouldn’t happen but y’know it could. Also just them reuniting would kill the legacy & the whole mystique a bit, no? Maybe it’s just me being a smiths obsessee but I genuinely cannot bare to think of a reunion at all.

On a nicer note, Hodgy Beats posted a free Untitled EP up on and it’s rather good.

Admittedly i haven’t listened to it completely fully yet but what I have is considerably better than most of Tyler, The Creator ‘s releases ~COME AT ME, HIPSTERS~

It just sounds more, well, professional I guess, It’s the kind of rap I like, no incessant swearing (Azealia Banks), the lyrics actually have meaning and the beats are actually more thought through than the computer generated dance music used normally (Many). The professional side definetely shows through the extensive list of the producer’s on the album, including Oscar winning Juicy J and The Alchemist on several tracks respectively. It feels like he’s almost trying to hide behind the schoolboyness of OFWGKTA so by releasing this, even in the quietest way possible, he’s clearly trying to show the seriousness & talent to his rapping, which is always a great thing….you should go download it…

“consider me invisible and one mentally fucked individal”

There was probably more I had to write about but this blog is long enough for the moment…yet another update soon….