Nu tunes.

so yes. still no gigs. I am seeing The Cure at Reading on the same day as Crystal Castles and already freaking out so i guess that counts. Oh and Spector in May, but here is another blog about some other good music that isn’t live but ( i have yet to think of a reasonable end to this sentence).


I came accross one of their tracks on an unsigned mixtape i acquired from somewhere a few days ago and it has been playing over and over and over with no breaks. The first thing you hear is the undeniably cliche “indie bounce” guitar riffs that Two Door Cinema Club would be jealous of then the vocal comes in, somewhat similar to Yannis Philippakis of Foals and another singer that you will hear as soon as you listen but i can’t for the life of think who, almost a hint of Jack Steadman in there too for good measure. The song then descends into typical indie madness with genius lyrical rhymes such as “happiness ain’t second best” , they could’ve tried a bit harder on that one…

They only currently have 4 songs on their soundcloud that I am aware of but they are all fantastic synthy guitar fueled songs about happiness and all the other kind of stuff you’d expect. Just a really good indie band.


I’ve known of Caan for a while and it has come to my attention I’ve never wrote about him.

Caan is a one man act hailing  from Camden consisting of former Ou Est Le Swimming Pool member Caan Capan making haunting, mellow synth pop. He only currently has 2 singles but seems to be attracting a lot of attention, particularly from debut single Now Hear This My Friends, a sparse  yet powerful piano-vocal based song about standing up and fighting oppression with occasional shimmers of  distant synth.

The second single, Every Little Thing, dropped today through Camouflauge Recordings. A much more electronic song in every sense, much more synth and a longing vocal with lyrics much less stance than the previous single but still clearly meaningful.