Laughing in the Afterglow…

I am seeing The Crookes in a month or so and they released a brilliant single on Monday called Afterglow.

i have noticed just a second ago they tagged the video for it as “indie” “guitar” “pop” “sex” . They have basically reviewed their own song completely accurately there.It is indeed a very happy, indie, guitar fueled song complete with “OH OH OH OH”s that make up summer in a song.

The B side Honey is equally brilliant. though it starts off very un-Crookes and you will want to turn it off then it bursts into this once again amazing indie guitar pop and is almost as good as the single itself.

They are currently working on their latest album that is set for release later this year but also have 2 rather brilliant albums from 2008 & 2011 that everybody should listen to because they are perfect.

This has been a completely unbiased review of The Crookes and their music.

Buy Afterglow here.

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Listen to their albums & then buy them here.