Even more new music for your ears……

So still no gigs, this blog’s name is slowly losing it’s meaning. However it’s now actually less than a month until I finally see Spector and I’ve just discovered Gabriel Bruce is supporting, making it just that bit more worth the wait.

In the mean time…..

Zulu Winter

So they only formed last year but they seem to be grabbing people’s attentions, including mine. They’re an London hailing five piece playing synthy with indie guitars & falsetto vocals over the top. Recent single We Should Be Swimming starts of classically indie guitar & drum filled with short sharp vocals then transforms into almost melancholic dance music with the occassional jangle of guitar thrown in for good measure.

They’ve also got a got another 2 singles, Never Leave/Let’s Move Back To Front  & Silver Tongue, both worth checking out, and a few odd songs floating around on Youtube, presumably off the forthcoming album, Language, drops 14th May.

More Zulu Winter here and here.

And if you like them a lot, you can pre order the album here.

Dance a la Plage

Yet another Oxford indie quartet appears in the form of Dance a la Plage, citing inspirations as the likes of Foals, Little Comets & Two Door Cinema Club, they’ve lived up to the sounds very well as from the minute you press play on their tracks high, fast guitar riffs erupt, the kind that you will find impossible to get out of your head, giving a youthful sound suiting the name “dance to the beach” perfectly.

They are yet to release any music but are already well on their way supporting bands such as Kowalski & Pegasus Bridge and getting significant airplay from BBC Introducing stations with 2 tracks off their forthcoming debut EP, Matilda (below) & Priorities, both again incredibly catchy.

More Dance a la Plage here.

Theme Park

Even more London based alternative indie type music is here. This time much less guitar and relaxed synths with concentration on the   tropical type drums, the kind Vampire Weekend would envy, and mature vocals, reminiscent of Fixers but much, much calmer.

They have 2 rather brilliant singles which you can buy here.

More Theme Park here.


Finally Deadlovers, despite what the name may suggest they are not death preaching hardcore metal, but an alternative guitar rock-pop three piece from Dartford inspired by the likes of The Coral, The Jam and Talking Heads.

Latest single, Kerb Your Libido, has clear guitar inspired by The Beach Boys and is a rather good little pop song.

They have many tracks on their soundcloud but there doesn’t seem to be any online for download, though vinyls are here.

More Deadlovers here.

You should also check out Two Wounded Birds if you like them…..