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polaThey’re a Minneapolis band being championed by almost everyone who’s anyone right now,touring with Bon Iver and having gigs completely sold out everywhere in the UK for good reason.

Distant, wistful vocals of Channy Leaneagh croon over haunting synths, distinct basslines and hiphop drum beats all to make for an intensely dark sound….

Their debut album is a fiver here and well worth it.

More Polica here.


A post punk collective hailing from Budapest that you probably will never have heard of but should’ve.  Their debut EP was released late last year through island def jam and and is definetely worth getting as it’s a mix of alternative indie rock tunes that are just generally very good and have been played by the likes of Jarvis Cocker, if that isn’t great enough for you then really, what are you doing with your life?

They also remind me of Editors, guitarwise….that is a good thing.

Oh and their bassist is also rather cool.

Check out their EP here.


Okay they’re not the newest act, est. 2006, but they’re still insane so had to be mentioned.

Disguised by heavy beats & masks onstage, Cyberpunkers is the project of two Italian DJ’s that set out on a misson to redefine the cyberpunk era and attracted much more attention than they anticipated so have gone on to release some remixes & singles worthy of killing anyone’s speakers.

More here.

And if you like them, The Bloody Beetroots are a similar Italian electro house collaboration worth checking out too.