Visions, Deathrays & Merch.


forget your generic  bring me the horizon rip off ‘oh so metal’  stereotypes that churn out endless music with no soul right now because Visions shred them to pieces and are becoming a UK band to be proud of among said types.

Yeah okay they’ve got the sound but theirs is different, the guitar has fire, the vocals aren’t just mindless & the music is just generally more creative & thought through.

It’s just better.

Their debut was released through Basick records in July and you should buy it here.


Their debut album comes out next week and all the EPs have been killer so it’s definetely one to look out for.

The album teaser & recent single Dollar Chills presents the techno Pulled Apart By Horses type thrash party sound that DZ have been abusing in every way possible since early 2011 so it seems like they are set to do it all again, but much better. The music speaks volumes louder than any words i could put here.

They’re touring the UK in 2 weeks too…

More here.

Cadence Weapon

He’s a Canadian rapper that’s been nominted for the Polaris Music Prize after releasing 1 album, has since signed with Epitaph/Big Dada, released a second album & even been a poet laureate for Edmonton.

He basically blends hip hop, electro & psychedelic soul rap, inspired by the likes of Daft Punk, Basement Jaxx etc, all into one mix that makes for some damn good songs.

His third album Hope In Dirt City is set to be released at the end of the month and this is the latest single…

(and to make it even better his live DJ happens to be none other than DJ Cosmo, anyone that’s seen Azealia Banks will understand)

More here.


To calm it all completely down is Merchandise, despite having one of the worst names, the music is considerably better. They’re a US band (described as post punk, not feeling that) with a melancholic sound, low dreary vocals -we’re talking in the league of Gabriel Bruce at points here- occassional crashing of drums & guitar (somewhat reminds me of Oasis, not to put people off, they sound nothing like them other than this) but generally pretty chill piano/guitar types that sound almost Death Cab -ish.

There’s even some organ thrown in….

Basically if you only do one thing this entire week, make it downloading and listening to this album, it’s free after all.