New Old Music.

Post War Years

Apparently they’ve had 2 albums but i’m a bit slow to catch on, it’s kinda dark synthed up prog-indie that’s generally very experimental, hence the difficulty to classify it exactly – the synths range from faithless to mario circa 1998- but it’s all very good.

There’s literally nothing on the front of new material being said at the moment, most recent being above from 2011 and a free live EP on their site (link below) but a mysterious image was posted a few days ago that looks suspiciously like an album cover so keep an eye out.

They’re playing the Camden Crawl tomorrow at Dingwalls if anyone happens to be around…

Free EP/More info here.

Endless Flowers – Crocodiles

A mix of noisy poprock that is the first single off Crocodiles third album, i am yet to listen to the first two but this is free and good, stuff like this usually annoys me because it’s so samey but this is an exception –  editors type guitar with some of the crookes/heartbreaks vibes thrown in for generally a pretty good tune ~ (tune is the only way to describe it, but i resent the word in all other cases)

~The next post will probably be a live review….of a gig, namely Spector, Gabriel Bruce and Braves. A rarity on this blog supposedly solely based on gig reviews…oh well.~ 

do you mind? i don’t.