So i figured i like The Heartbreaks and their album Funtimes came out today so despite forgetting all of this until about an hour ago i decided to listen to their album and give it a review…

First there’s classic Liar, My Dear , remastered & recorded for the album and if you’ve heard the original single, this will sound incredibly weak and if a little overmixed especially in the vocal. The guitar’s still class though. Moving swiftly on, Delay, Delay, destroys the uncertainty that The Heartbreaks are anything less than brilliant with that jangly smiths guitar that caught the attention in the first place & the catchiest chorus on the album.

Next up Hand On Heart , a track that had been floating around on the internet for while but had never been released, revived to a much purer sounding version, pretty mellow to the rest of the stuff,  your simple video montage of summer type song, nonetheless great. Then we have Winter Gardens the first snippet of the album heard via a free download (still avaliable on the band’s site, link below) months ago that remains just as good in context, drum fueled chorus backed by bassy choruses & Matt Whitehouse’s ever unique vocal.

The middle track we have is Remorseful, thankfully left untouched from it’s former B side another catchy one with melancholy & the kind of swooning vocals reminiscent of Morrissey. Then comes Jealous Don’t You Know the biggest single from The Heartbreaks, filled with hopeless romanticism, again rerecorded for the album, marginally better than Liar My Dear’s butchering but i’m a sucker for the original….

Then come 2 completely new tracks, Gorgeous, complete with thundering guitars, crashing drums & again that woe filled vocal, and Polly, defintely the weakest track on the album, the chorus is poor and it sounds like any other ‘mournful’ boring indie song, you all know the kind i mean…it even has that awful sustained synth ending, failing to add any kind of intended nostalgia.

To end the album, Save Our Souls, yet another B side -and yes it has been remastered, but bearably- besides this was always my favourite Heartbreaks song, it’s just incredibly easy to love with brilliant lyrics & a chorus you just want to dance to (mind you, at the point of reaching the chorus i’ve discovered the rerecorded version has a lot less power, go download the single…it’s below)

and finally I Didn’t Think It’d Hurt To Think Of You, again rerecorded, this time much better but again i still can’t help feeling the vocal is weak & the harmonies make it sound almost autotuned-not good, on this version. However, it is admittedly, an unexpected album closer that completes the hopelessly melancholic Morecambe & classically British rainy seaside feel to Funtimes

They’re a dreamer’s band are The Heartbreaks.

More/Free Download/Buy the album/singles  here.