Night Angles

Tim & Laurence, the names hardly direct you to cosmic disco dance or “electic cosmic goo” as they call it. but it is.

They’re Night Angles -brought to my attention by the track below on a mixtape- 2 djs set on creating & remixing music that sends you to another stratosphere with pulsating basslines and clean cut synths that give them an innovative otherwordly sound.

The music they create seems to be effortless with synths shimmering and zapping over constant snares so easily that you can be consumed for hours before realising there are no vocals on the majority of their tracks.  On an occassional track there features a brief vocal, nothing to shout about but it doesn’t at all detract from the music, if anything it focuses you solely on the space like experience induced by every track, this is the drugs of music.

Eyes to the sky, feet on the dancefloor, kids…

More here.

EP out soon on Force Majeure.