Stop me if you’ve heard these bands before…

see what i did thar. literary genius that is.

Anyway i figured more people are reading my blog so instead of trawling through the neverending lists of new bands that emerge every day, i’ll go back in time (we’re only talking months here mind) and recap the main two bands i blogged about when no one cared that are still, unjustly, getting little attention


Massive fan of this band, they’ve got a few singles floating around and were set to release an album this year however suddenly their website has deleted and their facebook & twitter remain unused since December so whether this is ‘we are locking ourselves in the studio til this shit is done’ or lets just fade away silently is anyone’s guess. I suspect it’s not the latter as this band have a massive future ahead for sure.

Anyway down to the music, described as ‘Cosmic Indie Funk Disco’ and just a blend of house synths similar to the likes of Polarsets with a bit more flair and techno hints, dark indie guitar riffs and classic pop melodies.

That was their first single & it’ll stay in your head for weeks.After that come 2 even better singles, Dark Arts & Sirens and even better remixes which you should check out on their soundcloud.

Oh and here’s a demo that is just brilliant.


I discovered them after stumbling into a tent at Reading and they too are synthy indie goodness, admittedly much less guitar in this case, their EP is a mix of funk basslines, constant beats & euphoric synths with the signature dreamer’s vocal on top making for another band to add to the collection of summer music.

Listen to Bears, you know you want to….

If you like these two you should check out Jess Mills and Fixers too….