Bigger Thinking.

Cosmo Jarvis has a new single

Since writing Gay Pirates he propelled into the spotlight as the video became a viral hit due to it’s utter brilliance & his debut album Is The World Strange Or Am I Strange? was released back in 2010 but a new single has surfaced on his soundcloud titled Love This rebooting his musical career and giving him some well deserved respect for his talent as opposed to his comedic value.

It’s a subdued,radio friendly, folk influenced pop song that could just spell his break into mainstream, which has the possibility to be a very good thing for Cosmo.

His first album & earlier works went pretty much unnoticed by the majority of the industry but listening back to it all it’s brilliant, ranging from your classic twee indie guitar & ukelele to almost rap inspired beats (all a bit Jamie T at times) and everything inbetween, so he definetely deserves to finally get over the Gay Pirates spell and get some recognition for the inspired music he writes so well.

I liked the lyrics of this far too much not to share.

The forthcoming album Think Bigger is released on 9th July.                                                                    Free download of another new album track, Sunshine here.