guess what…Gabriel Bruce

So after the releasing his video for Dark Lights Shine Loud the other day, i was more hyped for his EP than before.

Then i return to soundcloud to discover his EP, Dark Lights Shine Loud/A Brief & Selfish Lover, has been put up and it is brilliant in every way.


It starts off with Dark Lights, a burst into the glorious madness of his music, then quickly transcends into the depth of Father, Father, a mournful vocal crooning over a steady drum beat & zapping organ synths, a bit more like the guy who wrote Sleep Paralysis.

Then we have Zoe, an beachy sounding spaced out synth/guitar mix with an almost growling vocal that just seems to compliment the hints of african beats perfectly. The penultimate track Fool’s Gold (Pyrite’s Song) begins with an organ fanfare and jumps into a swayable (in the best possible way) track complete with distorted screeching guitar that breaks apart the organ effortlessly.

The EP ends with Only One, it starts with acoustic guitar,which is seemingly rare compared to the rest of the music and works perfectly with the softer vocal creating hints of country at times, soon a subtle synths & drums enter and increase the euphoria of it all before it quickly drops back and fades away to nothing, concluding ‘it’s alright’.

I have nothing bad to say about this man and don’t think I ever will.

Check it out here.

More info. here.