Granted they’re no new band but they’re still brilliant as ever and alongside Youth Without Youth, last night they posted another track up online from forthcoming album Synthetica, drops 12th June.

Admittedly weaker & much more melancholic than the debut track, but nonetheless a great follow up with the typical yet subtle constant sonic guitars, all a bit Editors in this track particularly, & just cool vocals as per.

And that’s a big compliment from me because i generally have this monster inside me that depises all female singers but Emily Haines is a massive exception to this because she seems to have the entire lyrics/vocals thing down somehow effortlessly brilliant.

I am led to believe that like the previous album, they’ll be releasing this under their own wing and I mean they won awards without a label for the last one so, right now, not much can go wrong.

More info./Pre order the album here.

They’re touring the UK in early July & playing Wireless Festival, tickets here. (complete with digital new album & bonus tracks, they’re a nice lot are Metric)