Red Kites//Haydons Place.

So after much impromptu-ness last night I found myself boiling to death in the hidden away Plantation Cafe watching two rather great bands amongst a crowd of about 15 other likeminded people & some overenthusiastic family members of both bands…

First on were Haydons Place, a Surrey based rock band that materialised from the audience completed by a lead singer not dissimilar to Dave Keuning himself..

They provided powerful yet typical rock with thundering bass & screeching guitar solos throughout the set making for just generally good songs, when listening back to their EP it seems nothing that innovative or brilliant but it’s certainly noteworthy & listenable music.

Live it is brought to life & seems to have much more force.

Their EP was released in January & is definetely worth a listen or two…here.

Then came headliners Red Kites, an offering via ACM, a collection bringing intense folk inspired rock to the forefront of their music particularly through the emotive vocals & lyrics of Scottish singer Motteh Parrott backed up by some incredible guitar playing  (and I don’t use that word lightly), dynamo drumming & fitting basslines.

A highlight of the set was EP title track Beat In Time, “this is a song for my brother” announced singer, before drifting into the tranquility of the acoustic nature of the song despite the clearly distressing yet sentimental lyrics about death that are enough to bring anyone to tears.

The set was brilliant and these guys deserve some recognition for the distinct sounds they’re making…

Their EP was released in late April and you can buy it here.

Or if you’re down with the new age ~like~ you can download it here.

I managed to go without a camera which was a bad mistake as photos would’ve been so very easy to take but oh well….