DZZZSo DZ Deathrays‘ album dropped a couple o’ weeks ago & I finally got round to listening to it. Thrash party indeed.

It begins with an Intro, surprisingly enough, an anticipatory synth pulse before thundering into Teenage Kickstarts, a punky electro piece with a gritty bassline that starts the album as they mean to go on.

Then comes Cops Capacity, definetely a high point of the album already, it’s a track that has been floating around in various forms for a while now but here the version seems no less powerful and in your face than any remix online before a reserved drum slides into No Sleep, the single released back in March that continues the theme of abusing loud guitars & shouty choruses…

The centerpieces of the album are Play Dead, a track that stays relaxed with a spaced out synthy soundwei and a steady percussive backing with a softer vocal, and Gebbie Street an older track that’s still more reserved than before but this time with a raw bassline & grungy synths.

Dimomight returns the album back to it’s basic electro PABH! sound as another standout track merging crashing cymbals & explosive guitars with ease followed up by Dollar Chills, the techno album teaser with yet more scuzzy bass.

The closing tracks begin with Debt Death, it begins with an PSB reminiscent synthline before crashing into yet more mind shattering music and quickly fading into Dumb It Down, again this begins with a techno synth and gradually builds into a dark track, vocals almost Robert Smith in his dark phase/Ian McCulloch circa 1984.

Penultimately comes LA Lighting, bass dominated with the signature crunching synths and finally Trans AM, a relaxed synthed up album closer with more 80s vocals and a conserved guitar melody bringing the laser beams to attention and suddenly cutting out.

Bloodstreams lives up to all the expectations of DZ and is one of the best albums I’ve heard all year.

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