The Crookes//China Rats//Joyous.

So yesterday I headed up to The Borderline to see The Crookes and 2 brilliant supports in the form of China Rats & Joyous.

First up were Joyous and from the off they were undeniably Smithsy, the guitar parts may aswell have been written by Marr and as the set went on singer Kieran McLoughlin grew more & more into the stage persona of Morrissey. To the point where one of their songs has the lyric “it’s sunday all the time”. It’s a good song too…

(ta to the person that uploaded this)

They’re based in London, have played support slots all around with various bands and with noted influences including Aztec Camera & The Cure, they’re definetely one to watch….

More info. & free demos here.

Next came China Rats, they appeared onstage as a few lads from Leeds that were probably going to play your typical indie music but the second the music started it was clear their look was nothing like their sound. It was clear, no nonsense rock & roll with punk elements making for tracks that sounded like The Beatles had Mick Jones on guitar.

They’ve played various gigs & festival accross the country and have an EP for download here.  Another lot to keep an eye on….

More info here.

Finally The Crookes took to the stage, kicking things off with Chorus Of Fools straight away encaptivating the audience with their pure energy and constant crazy foot shuffles.

They then thundered through a few more tracks off the first album, Chasing After Ghosts, before playing their forthcoming single, more reserved than Afterglow but nonetheless brilliant proving Hold Fast is an album to look forward to indeed. After this they returned to older tracks City Of Lights & Just Like Dreamers, both just as amazing live as they are on recording, before playing another new song, this time much calmer yet still great.

They returned to the energetic types with A Colliers Wife & latest single Afterglow, by which point everyone was dancing & singing along, before playing another song off Hold Fast, American Girls, that is probably on of the best songs they have and even better live, and announcing “this is the first song we ever wrote” then crashing into the most powerful rendition of Backstreet Lovers ever.

They rounded the set off with Yes, Yes We’re Magicians complete with drunken efforts at lyrics from everyone in the crowd before fleeing the stage for the middle of the crowd and playing a completely unplugged encore track surrounded by fans, at this point I was completely sold on The Crookes live experience if not before, and disappeared away.

The gig was completely brilliant and if you get the chance to see any of these bands live, do it.