So today I, once again, headed to London in pursuit of some #newpop goodness and The Heartbreaks didn’t fail to fulfil it….basically I somehow yet again got to go see a little acoustic session with, this time, The Fly and it was rather brilliant.

They played Save Our Souls, Remorseful, Jealous Don’t You Know, Delay Delay & a cover of Springsteen‘s I’m On Fire all glammed up acoustically like for our ears complete with tambourine action from Deaks ~they seemed to be instrument switch enthusiasts with drummer Joe on guitar most of the time, who knows~

They sounded 1000x better live than on the album and the fact it was raining only improved things due to being surrounded by thick northern accents anyway.

After that we got given little bags consisting of badges, a promo CD & a postcard which was rather nice o’ them and vanished into the rain.

The tracks should be up on The Fly by early next week apparently, they’re really worth a listen or two…

For more Heartbreaks goodness, check their site. 

Also I feel I was harsh in my album review after relistening, decide for yourselves here.

I also apologise for my awful quality photos, I have no idea why my camera destroyed the quality either.