The September Rush begins….

Well the september album tasters are coming in thick & fast now so i figured i’d break it down for you all in a little helpful blog.

Firstly an oldie in the shape of Pet Shop Boys, they’ve been around long enough but with the 11th studio album, Elysium, just around the corner it seems they are losing no steam musically.

Invisible was debuted via the internet yesterday, it was unvieled along with a short film directed by Brian Bress and features the neverending lyrical genius of Tennant that, for me, renews all faith that the duo have still got it.

Elysium is due early September, updates here.

Next we have a new track from Two Door Cinema Club, it has been debuted live in recent weeks and I believe it may just have what it takes to catapult them into the spotlight once again following the massive success of debut album Tourist History

(Thanks to Larrisa for uploading this)

Wake Up redefines the classic Two Door sound with added thumping synths, crashing drums & almost woeful vocals that makes for a rather great introduction to the new album

The second album is dropping September sometime, keep an eye out here.

Following this, The Vaccines announced their comeback with track No Hope via Zane Lowe last week, fresh from new album Come Of Age 

No Hope seems to destroy any thoughts that The Vaccines are going through the “difficult second album” phase as it erupts straight away into the almost anthemic, catchy sound only this time with more defiance in the delivery and the lyrics themselves hinting at the idea that Justin Young is slowly becoming more confident as a vocalist as compared to the slightly repressed style in previous tracks. This can only bring good things in the way of The Vaccines music and it gives you the feeling that Come Of Age is going to be even better than we think…

Come Of Age is out 3rd September, more here.

Eager not to be left out of it all, Little Boots too posted a new track little over a week ago giving us another taste of what’s to come from her second album following previous releases of tracks Shake & Every Night I Saw A Prayer

Headphones is as ever a synthpop disco type complete with spiralling synths and at times almost 70s disco vocal vibes that just create an ultimately dance-y feel that just makes you want to sing along. From start to finish it features endless “la la las” and cries of ” I’ll wear my headphones at the disco/no one else has to know” complete with an essentially euphoric breakdown that is quite enough to set any dancefloor ablaze ~ well a cool one anyway.

The second album is out September, more info here.

Muse & The Killers remain tightlipped with any new material as of the moment but I feel with the increasing radioplay of The Killers everywhere and both, The 2nd Law and Battle Born, forecasted via trailers to drop in September aswell, it won’t be long….