Two Wounded Birds: The Album.

Since seeing them support Grouplove, I’ve been a rather big fan of this band, yesterday their long awaited debut album was finally released and it’s quite frankly brilliant.

They kick things off with 2011 single, Together Forever a guitary surf pop fueled anthem that is impossible not to want to sing to and does indeed create “Fun Fun Fun” wherever it goes. Following this comes a darker track in the form of My Lonesome a track much more focused on the Joy Division-esque drums and the crooning lyrics of aptly named frontman Johnny Danger before crashing into original album taster, To Be Young, which blends classic indie vibes reminiscent of The Smiths and those alike with the optimism of The Beach Boys effortlessly.

Next we have It’s Not Up To You, the defiance of the title carries through into the music with the undeniably british guitar sound and powerful vocals that could quite easily make this one of the most commercially successful tracks on the album,which is not a bad thing at all, whether it’s released or not remains to be seen. This is succeeded by Daddy’s Junk, a rock & roll track if there ever one, complete with thundering guitars and backing “oooohooohs”, all I could hear was  Chuck Berry‘s Johnny B Good  when I put this on, and I love that song.

The centerpiece of the album is Night Patrol, returning once again to the darkened feel with a persistent, haunting guitar riff that will remain stuck in your head from the second you hear it. The Last Supper is an instrumental track that thunders back to full blast rejuvenated surf rock in preparation for the mournful cries of I’m No Saviour and disheartened, melancholic rock of latest single If Only We Remain. 

No Goodbyes and The Outer World are both more reserved, mellow tracks with a remorseful sound, the first uses the guitar sparingly and the latter builds up gradually, both slowing down the pace as the album draws to a close. Final track, Growing, almost sounds like blur (think This Is A Low) to start with, beginning with a constant guitar that feels like a countdown before building to a euphoric ending that ends the album perfectly.

The album shows just how effortlessly Two Wounded Birds have managed to restore the classic surf pop rock & roll sound & mix it to create an authentic sounding, stand out debut and, going by this, it seems there is much more good headed their way…..

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