Bastille have caught my attention via confirming a set at Guilfest of all festivals and if you know it well enough, you’d know the line up isn’t ever exactly brilliant, so you can imagine my suprisement to discover a band that were playing that were actually a bit more than brilliant.

Before I say anything watch this…

I discovered it yesterday and it blew me away completely.

But if you’re not sold on Bastille after that, here are some words to otherwise convince you…

They have been grabbing the attention of many since the release of debut EP Laura Palmer and the various remixes of tracks by the likes of Fenech-Soler (who if they calmed down, Bastille would be exactly like) and To Kill A King. The mellow indie synthpop sound and lush vocals & lyrics of Dan Smith makes for just generally really good pop tracks, and when i say ‘pop’ it’s the kind that is socially acceptable as a fan of music, the kind that is deserving of radioplay but never gets it because Cheryl Cole or someone has a new autotuned 2 note piano job.

I had real trouble choosing a track because they’re all just utterly flawless, you can buy the forthcoming Overjoyed EP here or check out some older stuff here.

They also just got announced for the Friday at Reading, which I am also going to so if you are too you should go see ’em.

More info here.