Firstly the lack of blogs this week is due to lowlifes stealing the copper cables powering the interwebs which was sad but on a happier note, Saint Saviour‘s debut album Union is out tomorrow so I’ve given it a little review.It’s different to most the stuff I blog on here which is also nice.

The album starts with Mercy which can only be described as lush. The darkly uplifting piano compliments the haunting reverd fueled vocals just perfectly andby the time the drums softly enter you’re already sold on the album. Next comes Tightrope keeps the disheartened feel through the lyrics and piano before adding a hiphop almost breakbeat and angelic vocals that just increase the euphoria of it all.

Following this comes single I Call This Home, with guitars reminiscent of The Cure and blissfull synth build up, it makes for a poppy anthem fueled by drums and vocals full of anguish  that is one of my favourite songs at the moment and should be yours too.

Then Liberty ,  much more electronically based and reminiscent of Jones’ older tracks with vocal hook “it’s a question for you, it’s a question for me, are we really free?” that could quite easily make it a contender for the next single. The centerpiece of the album is Fight , it returns to the slower gloomy feel of the start with constant piano and thundering beats behind woeful vocals but this track is too just as brilliant.

Reasons is an older track of Saint Saviour’s but it works effortlessly on the album, it is again slower but quite frankly perfect. The piano and vocals just gel beautifully making for a track that is virtually impossible to dislike. After this yet another old track returns in the form of This Ain’t No Hymn , rerecorded for the album to restore it to something even better than it’s former glory on Anatomy with the pulsating beat and nostalgicly longing vocals that again make it nothing less than flawless.

Jenifer is weird. but good weird. It’s like iamwhoami atmospherically that descends into crunching synths…brilliant. To end the madness we have Domino , like Liberty it returns to the older sound with layers everywhere and a seemingly Japanese influence, well until the rap…i thought the madness was over, but it works.

After this The Rain Falls On The Just , a soulful track that tricks you with the accapella intro before tripping into crashing drums & 80s synths creating one of the best on the album and Dreamtime that begins with quiet chirping birds and triangles and continues that way  lulling you into complete calm, though you do spend half of it waiting for the drop that never quite comes.

Next, Fallen Trees, another old yet frankly perfect songs, listening to it it absolutely kills me for 2 reasons, 1, the awfully sullen yet incredible mood of it and 2, how underrated it iseveryone should adore this song..

To end the album we have Horse, it’s another slow quiet type that Becky Jones seems to excel at but this time it’s less piano and more guitar complete with a handclap beat aswell as always those lush vocals that create the darkened atmosphere of this track , a perfect ending to a perfect album.

If I bothered with a rating on this blog, Union would get 100/10, just pure talent creating effortlessly perfect music.

The saint has cometh people, listen up.

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