Jeffrey Lewis & his many alter egos.

Okay he’s again no new artist but after an email mentioning how much Jarvis Cocker rated him I had to check him out and it was so so worth it. If you don’t know him he’s essentially the best lyricist I, and many others, have come accross in years, is signed to Rough Trade and part of the whole antifolk shabang.

This track is basically the most incredibly relatable track to almost anyone except probably morrissey so I like it a lot and it’s undeniably catchy…tomorrow when you wake up it WILL be in your head i guarantee it. This track comes from his “& The Junkyard” title which I am led to believe as much of his other stuff does, includes him, his brother (both writing) & the rest of a band, however he has solo stuff, other collaborations and other work with his brother Jack that is under various other amalgamations of Jeffrey Lewis…there are 7 albums i believe but ‘Em Are I is the one I personally adore the most (it’s by Jeffrey Lewis & The Junkyard for your convenience)

This is a fan made video, nothing of his seems to have official videos or maybe i am looking in the wrong place, but this is probably lyrically one of his best tracks, this and Cult Boyfriend are complete standouts anyway.

I suggest you go buy his albums and see him, he’s touring the UK in autumn, but do whatever…here is more info. 

did i mention he was also a comic book artist, you should get those too.

AND for more up to date updates his facebook page.

Thanks Jarv.