hello sorry i seem to have reached a point where i just can’t find much new music that i am into at the moment (it goes in waves ya see) hence the lack of blogs but i found this months ago & completely forgot their existence until about an hour ago.

Holograms are an outfit based in Stockholm creating punky electronic music and releasing their debut album in a mere 10 days, as I am aware only two tracks ever have surfaced so far, a feat indeed.

Debut single ABC City sticks to the sound layout we are told of with a Yannis Philippakis-y vocal projecting lyrics reflecting the Swedish poverty they experience, persistent zapping Korgs – at times reminiscent of Crystal Castles – and an all round feel not disimilar to IceAge.

You get the feeling if Foals had a Swedish baby with Sex Pistols this would be the result- and that’s a completely brilliant thing.

They also seem to be something special live judging by this video.

They’re heading to the UK for a few festivals this summer aswell.

More info./Get the album here.