Admist the Blur…

..of this livestream (see what i did thar) another new track has been debuted today by a similarly classic band in the form of Pet Shop Boys.

It goes by the name of Winner and musically it’s of course a majestic synth affair, but lyrically it has 2 connotations, the undeniable olympics feel (note the artwork for a start) that i completely resent and, fueling the “Elysium = afterlife/death/ending” rumours with talks of dont forget and such, it seems like it could too be a reflection of their career and the dreaded closing curtains “end of the race” so to speak. Maybe that’s me delving into it all too deep, but i can’t help but say it feels like that, even if I dread that day.

However, on a brighter note, Elysium now has a release date of 17th September and this single comes with 3 other tracks when released on 6th August, though you can grab the song itself on iTunes tomorrow, not too shabby.

More info. on that here.

I also just found an incredible track/record label that will probably interest the same people that this blog did so keep an eye out for that blog