Elephants, French Horns & Will Smith.

I discovered a little indie label named Once Upon A Time Records the other week and here’s the best of what they have to offer your ears…(they also happen to manage (not signed, apologies) China Rats who I saw not so long ago, top)

Coastal Cities

Infused with 80s new wave and indie pop, CC were brought to my attention by the release of debut single Thinktank and the EP that followed it, now they are back and still brilliant with a new single Relief

The music is a range with at times vocals similar to Yannis Philippakis and an almost Smiths/ TDCC guitar sound while other times their sound is more dancey making for a general danceable summer sound.

Relief comes with an equally brilliant B side, The Voyage, and you can download it now.

More info./music here.

French Horn Rebellion

They’re 2 brothers that have been around awhile creating electronic dance fusion madness and they’re quite frankly awesome.

The sound is like a mish mash of dance, at times indie(think TEED) and at others daft punk/90s club ish

They released album The Infinite Music Of French Horn Rebellion at the end of 2010 and despite getting a painful 1* from NME (who now seem to adore the sound given by TEED, there’s an incredible likeness) and the likes, it’s effortless genius. At times it’s a little weak in places but you get the feeling if it was released now it would have much more attention, deserved attention aswell.

More info. /Crackin’ Will Smith Gettin’ Jiggy (with many horns of course)  re-edit here.

As Elephants Are

They’ve just released their first single through Once Upon A Time as a free download, previously releasing a couple of songs via Sham Records, and it’s rather good.

War Cry and the previous tracks showcase AEA’s electronic Foals-ey sound with hints of indie guitar and euphoric vocals too reminiscent of the likes of Jack Steadman

They’re currently in the process of making their debut album that is due later this year and judging by their stuff so far it should be more than good.

More info. here.