So after what seems like an age of waiting, The Killers have rolled up onto the airwaves again with Runaways, supposedly debuted this evening on Zane Lowe‘s show…I am not going to deny it will have over 50 plays far before 7’o clock though.

Runaways is a  clear Day & Age aversion capturing The Killers usual sound but like Sam’s Town would be now, heavy on the American Rock, in music & lyrics, & little else….i swear at one point Bruce Springsteen was actually singing.

If this is anything togo by Battle Born is bound to be all they promised with the heavier rock thing compared to Day & Age and,even though I am one of those people who has a synth affection & did love the last album with my heart, that is never a bad thing, especially not where The Killers are concerned anyway.

Runaways is released 17th July so I suggest you all buy it here.

Forthcoming album, Battle Born, drops 17th September, keep an eye out for more info here.