September Breakdown: The Ultimate Edition.

I’m losing track again and I imagine you are so here goes.

First up, Little Boots seems to still be riding on the coattails of Headphones, released as an EP awhile ago, it’s a good tune mind but still no album news..

Subject to an apparent album leak but still going strong, The Vaccines have debut’d second Come Of Age track, Teenage Icon. Keeping the defiant rock-y feel of No Hope and usual Justin Young humour, it makes for yet another top track from this bunch.

Come Of Age is out 3rd September, order here.

Next Two Door Cinema Club, another leaked affair (this time with incredible melodrama everywhere) but nonetheles it doesn’t look like they’ll be falling anytime soon, releasing first incredible single Sleep Alone, album release shows in London, Birmingham, Dublin & Manchester that,as I am aware, sold out within the first hour & gracing the cover of NME cited as “the fastest growing band in the world” it seems TDCC are farfrom a one album wonder.

Beacon is out 3rd September, order here.

Also are having a competition for tickets & merch, check it out here.

Pet Shop Boys then, since Invisible, they have gone on to digitally release a second single Winner (it’s released in reality on 6th August with 3 other tracks). Since my original review, I have warmed much more to the track, it’s just brilliantly catchy, and as tracklisting and artwork is revealed, I am getting rather excited for Elysium, and you should be too.

Also yesterday a new track leaked (above) and it’s just back to standard camp synth quality brilliance, HIGH HOPES.

Elysium’s out 10th September, order here.

So The Killers, since Runaways was released (well, in the US anyway….) they’ve given us more brilliance via stealthy live videos of new tracks, Flesh & Bone and Miss Atomic Bomb, both of which seem to sound pretty damn good, some lovely album artwork and an insight into their studio sessions (possibly not daily accurate)

Much anticipated Battle Born is out 17th September, order here.

Not to be left out of the hype, Little Comets recently announced their second album Life Is Elsewhere is due for release at the end of next month.

After an incredible debut and some class EPs it seems this album can only bring more good things from the trio, I am eagerly awaiting to hear some new tracks….

Life Is Elsewhere is out 30th September, order here.

Admist the olympic madness, Muse seem to have cracked and put their album release back to October. However with Survival peaking in the UK charts at 25 (a big feat for a band like them these days)and a, well, intruiging tracklist, it seems the album may be successfully worth that extra few days.

Second single, Madness, is set for release on 20th August, news on that soon.

The 2nd Law is out 1st October, order here.

Penultimately, Dog Is Dead are releasing their long awaited debut album admist the success of latest single (well, rerelease, ‘member when i blogged about that song many moons ago...i do) Glockenspiel Song.

The album looks like it is going to be a cracker with what they have given us so far, and if you want to see it live, they’ve just released UK autumn tour dates aswell….

All Our Favourite Stories comes out 8th October, order here.

And finally, Crystal Castles have new music for us too, they recently released a free download of Plague, a track they’ve been playing accross festivals this summer, that I said in previous review, sounds MASSIVE.

Their album is coming this autumn, no dates as of yet.

US Tour/Plague download here.