So i am going to Reading this week and am just gearing up for seeing my favourite band of all time ever to exist in 3 days time which is ridiculous when i say it like that so expect a mega blog (SO MANY BANDS). However I do also have new music to post about but that will happen somewhen else because I decided i listen to so many free downloaded stuff that very few people have heard that i’d make you a playlist.

First is Tom Vek‘s remix of BBC‘s How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep

The song itself is already ace but this is just a class redoing of it, the link to download is in the player.

Next Plague – Crystal Castles

because you thought The Vaccines had a good comeback track. That was nothing.

French Horn Rebellion’s re-edit of Old San Juan by MFSB vs Will Smith‘s  Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It.  

The oddest summery combination you can get. and doesn’t it work?

You Only Cry Because You Are Alone – Joyous

Endless love for this band.

DZ Deathrays’ Gebbie Street

It takes awhile to kick in but when it does good things occur.

Hold Fast by Red Kites – okay it’s not strictly free but what’s 79p? you can’t even get maltesers for that these days

China Rats’ Fly Solo

Top track. This lot are going to be massive (well- i say that because they should be but god knows with the state of things) They’ve just put a new track up that i remember from when i saw them which is brilliant called (At Least Those) Kids Are Getting Fed

Gabriel Bruce‘s cover of Sam Cooke‘s Cupid

One of my favourite covers of anything ever right now. Also Sleep Paralysis is on there for free too (though i suggest the £12 for book & vinyl is not too shabby)

and finally (again not quite free but its the best. the video is cute too)