\Coming Of Age now.

vacI was going to review both in my Nirvana/Bieber style but due to hearing Beacon and not being as keen as i thought i would, i reckoned i’d just stick to the main one in this battle. By which of course I mean The Vaccines’ Come Of Age.

After releasing an album that was just as flawless as What Did You Expect…? and plummetting into the spotlight in such short time, you’d think a band would crumble under the pressure of it all, letalone the “difficult second album” matters that many seem to struggle with, The Vaccines however don’t seem to do things by the book though; In the space of a mere year & a half since their debut was released, they’ve relentlessly conquered the globe touring all over the place, roped in some brothers along the way & managed to create a second album that is just as pleasing to the ear as the first.

No Hope  is a rock solid opener and first single, I know Justin’s lyrics are frequently belittled but I do really like them on this track, anything with a high level of wit always makes for a good one, especially when combined with yer standard Vaccines rocky brilliance.

Quickly following are I Always Knew, the slight remorseful sound returns, this time anthemic and Teenage Icon, a generally brilliant second single you will be singing by the end, can’t knock that.

“I’m not magnetic or mythical/I’m surburban and typical”

Next up things go a bit 60s with All In Vain, the whole thing tries to scream Beatles but just doesn’t quite make it. Closely following this is the thunderous and so obviously single three, Ghost Town, and Aftershave Ocean, a blur track waiting to be written by Justin Young that comes together as one of the highest points of the album.

Weirdo ups the guitar funk and moody lyrics while slowing it all down again to become another standout track for very different reasons while Bad Mood kicks into the classic punk-rocky feel with an explosion of guitar and an all round aura of defiance.

Change Of Heart Pt. 2 is a standard Vaccines track, the shortest of the album that could easily fit onto What Did You Expect…?, nothing special really, and where’s part 1 anyway?

I Wish I Was A Girl picks up the funk where Weirdo left off with an undeniably Pixies riff, growling bass and your standard fantasising about being a girl to make for my favourite track on Come Of Age, as you do then.

Lonely World is yer bog standard album closer, a bit long and a bit yearning and a bit slow, but it rounds it all of nicely. Overall Come Of Age is ace, not quite the debut, but miles away from ever being bad – The Vaccines are back and still brilliant, not that they ever went anywhere.

Elsewhere on planet earth I am still enjoying Graham Coxon, consuming mindless amounts of cheese while reading Alex James‘ book and really digging Pet Shop Boys new album.