The Killers – Third time lucky then..

yup you read that right…i know. So yeah after incredible surprise and impromptu ness after my first day of college i found myself standing inside the Roundhouse waiting for The Killers to grace the stage. big up Feathers, who i owe my life and a chicken to because of this.

Jake Bugg was supporting and I had been looking forward to see him, but for all I could care, it may’ve been Miles Kane (who i like) but in this case that was a bad thing because other than the fact Bugg looks about 12, they sound identical. At one point I genuinely thought he was playing Inhaler… wasn’t. He’d’ve probably done better if he wasn’t performing infront of a seemingly uninterested crowd that were waiting for The Killers and boring as the minutes ticked by, but it was all calm and tedious and not a very good warm up at all really. I do intend to listen to his stuff though in order to see whether the miles kane thing was just live or whether his tracks are actually the same.

I’ll get back to you on that.

Anyway, The Killers soon arrived and, as you can imagine, it were brilliant.

I’ve seen many claims that from watching the stream, the crowd were lifeless, the band made many mistakes & were angry through the whole show & it was a rubbish show, I am here to tell you all of that is complete rubbish, I think they were watching the wrong stream – might’ve been ed sheeran?

The venue was a bit empty, i since discovered they weren’t letting people in due to it being “full” which clearly was not the case at all, but that didn’t make it any less brilliant. They kicked off with Runaways after a ridiculous melodramatic intro in typical killers style and thundered through the hits (it didn’t strike me how short the set was til i looked at it just now, it still seemed incredible) for most of the set, they all sounded just as good as always and Brandon & Dave seemed particularly in love with each other, which is never a bad thing. Ronnie too was going rather crazy – I didn’t see much of Mark because of tall people & pillars but he sounded good anyway. Jenny was definitely a high point.

The only complaint i have was throughout the first half of the set, i was watching through a million iPhone & Blackberry screens, EVERYONE was filming it, despite the fact it was clearly being filmed due to the huge amount of camera rigs everywhere, I am proud to say i only took one photo that turned out to be a shoddy 2 second video when i looked at it on the train home – people are stupid.

(I was slightly gutted as they didnt check my bag and i noticed a few people with dslrs so i could’ve easily taken mine in & got some good ones but seriously, you’re there to enjoy the gig, not document it for everyone else)

ANyway, back to the good, the new songs – it was the first time i’d heard them as I never got round to watching the youtube fan filmed ones before – and they sounded great, much more than i was expecting after reading lukewarm reviews of the album everywhere so far, the crowd too were up for dancing around too them despite not knowing them which is always a bonus. Flesh & Bone particularly stood out to me, and of ccourse the inevitable brightside flair of Miss Atomic Bomb, they sound great on the album too – more on that Monday.

The choice of encore was surprising too, after leaving on When You Were Young with no more key hits is a challenge in itself, but returning with A Dustland Fairytale is risky, well, unless you’re the killers that is, they seem to add more euphoria to it each time they play it live, an odd choice to many but it rounded off the whole gig very nicely indeed. There’s still a voice & a half on that man yet.

Overall, the gig was immense, It was never going to be a bad review because I was over the moon with even being able to set foot in the building but the band only made it better, I don’t think they could ever do a bad set if they were playing to one person in a kitchen, everything seems just effortless to them these days. Roll on the next time….

for the record i didnt proof read this because i wanted to post something, its been weeks, sorry if it makes no sense at all. the entire day didn’t really, thats what made it perfect. 

ALSO – new music blogs will be coming soon, with college & everything its been a nightmare since Reading but I should be seeing Last Dinosaurs & Wolf Gang on sunday at the boileroom so that should be ace.