Last Dinosaurs//Wolf Gang.

Despite a strikingly empty boileroom (i’ve never actually seen it that empty in my life before, people are insane) full of the hardcore sunday night giggers, the bands were ace. I sort of die a bit inside when 2 incredible bands play for free and 10 people turn up – I fear for music – they all missed out so bad.

ANYWAY, that was their fault, first up were Wolf Gang and they were brilliant. I’d been told by a few people that they were amazing but i’d only listened to their latest single earlier that afternoon after missing them supporting The Killers back last year so didn’t really know what to expect. Fortunately both musically and live they are flawless – i can’t genre fit the tracks because they are just great, there’s a bit o’ synth, a bit o’ bass, lotsa guitar and one hell of a vocal, it’s catchy and brilliant and you should listen to them.

Despite the crowd issue, they were full of energy and didn’t appear disheartened by it at all and thundered through hits from their debut album Suego Faults (a purchase I have already made within 12 hours of the show – mmm hmmm) and even played a few “very new” ones which too sounded just as great as everything. The one thing about Wolf Gang is that based on everything i’ve heard so far, any one of their tracks could be a hit to the point where choosing a single must’ve been complete agony – and that is never a bad thing, ever.

More info/buy the music/look at their faces here.

Then came Last Dinosaurs , the band we’d all come for. Seriously though, you should read this blog first as it tells you how brilliant they are and has music links and stuff and then you will see why they were so great live too.

They too played a little set but it was packed full of goodness, most was off forthcoming album (well, unless you are lucky enough to have it in Australia that is) and recent-ish single Time & Place – a tribute to Nikola Tesla, are there any more reasons to like them>> that all sounded absolutely brilliant live, the vocals from both were flawless, the guitar is just awesome & everything else was too.

Also (as above) they played a few covers, one was a mashup of Modjo’s Lady Hear Me Tonight and Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s Why Does It Feel So Good? and I adore both those songs so it was one of the best things i’ve ever heard, and penultimately they played that cover of The Cure’s Just Like Heaven, i heard “shall we do cure” murmured onstage and my heart skipped a beat i swear, IF THEY HAD NOT DONE IT THIS WOULD BE MY ANGRY FACE. but they did and it was perfect and I realise this has become quite a bad review of me but there really was nothing to criticise other than the lack of music taste of the people of Guildford.

Go See ‘Em!

More dinos here.

PS: Battle Born review coming soon just college okay, it only arrived today mind, it’s rather good i’n;t it?