I Dig Deneuve

I came accross this outfit via twitter and although there is little in the way of actual music so far, the demo (however undecipherable it may be) suggests they may be worth keeping an eye on.

They cite influences as The Libertines, The Maccabees & Mystery Jets and you can already hear that coming through in the guitar of first track Postbox Blues. There’s also a rather good cover of Tribes’ We Were Children floating around somewhere.

It’s not much but i reckon there is possibility for good stuff here ~

note: i am severely lacking in new music atm due to listening to blur and/or graham coxon on repeat most of the time, so sorry about that. I’m also gonna start delving into the records and do a review of an obcure LP every week since i have stacks from Luther Vandross to The Beatles to Placebo to A-ha to the soundtrack to Beat Street for your enjoyment. It’s all good.