Films Of Colour

I was drawn to their name in a recent email about upcoming gigs at the ever faithful Boileroom and after reading into it a bit (aka Wikipedia) turns out they are  Guildford’s finest, Bowie approved, alternative indie outfit that I am very late discovering, which means you are too.

They are very good, I can’t help but get Coldplay from the vocals but i also resent that comparison because they are nothing like them & sound a lot better.

This is too proved by the Bowie approved bit because after covering Slow Burn they appeared on the radar of Tony Visconti and soon the download appeared on Bowie’s site because it is the most brilliant version of the song, it’s almost completely unrecognisable in the best possible way hence Bowie approved status of greatness.

I don’t have much more to say and realise my reviews are suddenly turning into ridiculously badly written affairs but when there are great bands like this it’s better if you just listen – I should be seeing them on the 2nd so look out for that review.

More info. here.