For The Record: Leisure – Blur

SO here is the first installment in my For The Record series aka me trawling through my entire vinyl stack and reviewing it all for your enjoyment. I’m kicking it off in safe waters with a record i picked up myself in Rough Trade a few weeks ago as opposed to an inherited bundle of soul classics  but watch out for that one too.

Anyway earlier today i sat down with some crackers (lacking in cheese for some odd reason) & apple juice and stuck on Leisure – aka debut by one of the most brilliant bands i rediscovered and remembered how great they were – and here’s a brief summary of my legible thoughts at that time.


It starts with She’s So High, I always classed it as blur’s Mr Brightside, in the sense that it was the first they ever wrote together & probably the best, complete with that bass break that is the only piece of music i can relate the word “phwoar” to – and probably the sexiest.

Then Bang that apparently comes accross as a “quintessential ‘living’ track” if ya get what i’m saying – the amount of trains I have sat on listening to this song proves that. The message resonates with anyone really.

Slow Down, here comes the teenage thunder and it appears as the kind of track you’d expect from a band called Seymour, say, but it fits nonetheless – it’s a bit mental but sorta great by the end.

I have one thing to say about Repetition, good luck getting that riff outta your head.

Penultimately comes, Bad Day, just a class track really,it has a nice beat and yer typical Coxon flairy guitar, solid.

And Sing, this is likely to be my favourite blur song, it’s simple, bassy & gives that whole melancholic staring out the window vibe while staying just immense. The piano is lovely too – what is the worth in all of this?


There’s No Other Way always appeared amazing to me as a guitarist but the more you hear it, it almost gets tedious – its an incredible track, just selectively.

Fool brings more thunder but this time the kind of brilliance, it’s almost flawless really – what’s that drumming all about?

Then Come Together the guitar in this is ace too, sing it.

At this point I noticed an elusive producer credited by the name of Stephan Street, oh dear.

High Cool , all i wrote was “the bass again”, well that sums it up really. Underneath it says “finding it hard to fault any of these tracks or write anything substantial really”- that too.

Birthday throws things up next actually. Until the “insert piss off moody phrase here” day part stops, this is painful to listen to, which sucks because the music is rather lovely. When that stops it gets quite nice again, then out the guitar comes.  Really Damon, we get the point but you sound like a nonce.

Finally Wear Me Down the intro reckons Nirvana and it’s quite a tune – ends it all abruptly.

All in all, I love this album and as i thought, I can’t think of much to say about it, if you haven’t heard it I strongly recommend you do, if you have, play it again….and all their other albums too.

I’ll do another one next week and it’ll be more substantial I promise, I might do an obscure one, Luther Vandross anyone?