b3So a week before release of the ridiculously anticipated (by me, anyway) B3 EP has crept its way onto the Youtube waves and it’s, quite frankly, fucking class. Placebo seem unable to do anything wrong.

The first track is B3 itself, they’ve played it live around and it’s pretty standard for ’em, sonic-y guitars and a general anthem, it’s up there with the hits if you ask me. Quickly followed by a cover of Mixus I Know You Want To Stop that sees them pick up where they original left off and up the “oomph” by a mile – brilliant.

Sandwiched in the middle is The Extra, already my favourite, it’s mellow and yearning and contains the usual ace lyrical musings of Molko – the hook is unavoidably catchy, oh and that bass….

Penultimately comes I.K.W.Y.L (I Know Where You Live) , it’s reminiscent of that classic rebellious & thunderous with an oh so eerie tinge tone that they excel at and it confirms definitely that the sound is still very, very much there.

It finishes all too soon for my liking with Time Is Money, a 7 minute epic of sorts returning once again to the mellower sound that becomes genuinely just a lovely piece of listening, there’s nothing more to it.

I highly suggest you pick up a copy of this, mine is already pre-ordered.

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