In A Million Years

So today Last Dinosaurs album, In A Million Years, finally hit these shores, here’s a brief summary of the efforts.

It all kicks off with Zoom their most recent single & straight away an indie glimmer of the new wave pop sound they appear so good at. Closely following this are I Can’t Help You, a thrashy guitary type that screams Two Door, and Sunday Night, a track i thought highly of live that sounds just as ace on the recording, it feels more relaxed & the guitar vibes Chic at me, never a bad thing.

After this we return to debut single Time & Place , the best – and probably only – musical tribute to Nikola Tesla in existence that too remains a gem on the LP.  Andy too is a previous track from the Dinos indie archive and an absolute blinder of one at that,  it’s all steel pans & bassy vibes from here, kids.

Satellites acts as a sort of break up piece of sound effects & chillout vibes, a suitable interval, meanwhile Weekend returns with that guitar, this time it’s all a bit more Howler than anything, then the synths are back.

The thrashiness then makes a comeback with I Can’t Decide before Used To Be Mine revokes the interval calm with a charmer of a little indie ballad.

Penultimately comes Honolulu a track previously aired that remains intact as one of the standout points before album closer Repair gives that last beachy guitar edge to guarantee this album ending as a completely flawless piece of music.

Going into this I was assuming there would be your standard album faults & little tracks that stood out like sore thumbs in the mix but there is absolutely none of that on this one, I am genuinely quite amazed – then again, what did you expect from a band that identify as dinosaurs?


Note: I promise the next post will be a review of Friday’s live music happenings I am just very lazy & the next 2 days are always my hellish college days so hold tight, it should be up by Thursday latest I promise.